Rudolph E. Trognitz

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Rudolf Ernest Trognitz (1859 - 1933) was the last conductor of the original San Diego City Guard Band when it folded in 1923. He owned a retail music business in Downtown San Diego, conducted a variety of performing groups, wrote and published music and was an accomplished saxophone player. Trognitz composed pieces for the City Guard Band, including “Ma Java Joe” and “Vocales de la Honda.”

In 1895, Trognitz was  asked to  teach about 20 aspiring musicians in El Cajon who wanted to start a band. He was successful in building the El Cajon Brass band into a solid performing group that was considered a friendly rival to the more established City Guard Band.

Rudolf Trognitz  gathered a group of 54 musicians and give a concert under the name of "The San Diego Symphony Orchestra" in 1902.