Isaac Palmer


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Isaac Palmer was what they called the drum major of the band; he marched at the head of the band; he didn’t play an instrument, but he marched at the head of the band. He had a big baton. He was a big man, he weighed 315 pounds. He was very tall, over six feet. He made a very impressive sight as he marched at the head of the City Guard Band, because he was a big and very fine looking man.

The City Band gave concerts in the Plaza every week, once a week, and we used to go up there – lots of people went up there and stood around and listened, or they drove. We always drove a horse and buggy when we went there. They had a band stand there, a nice big band stand, where the band played. It was called the City Guard band. I imagine there were fifteen or eighteen men in the band. I don’t know any of their names.

(Mrs. Mattie Crane in an oral interview for the San iego History Center, Oct. 29, 1958)

Photo courtesy of the San Diego History Center