Jack and the Band


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As part of Company B, 7th Regiment of the California National Guard , the City Guard Band gave concerts and marched in parades around San Diego and participated in National Guard encampments across the state. Jack Dodge, wrote, “We had constructed an octagonal shell on the Plaza for the concerts. Our members took great pride in their music and worked hard for their success, and the citizens showed their appreciation for our work in weekly large attendance at our recitals. This stimulated us into greater achievements, and it was not long before the City Guard Band had a statewide reputation.”

Dodge continues, “The good citizens of San Diego took such pride in our accomplishments that they desired that the people of the United States should hear something of the music it gave. … (The) business men of the city agreed to jointly contribute the expenses of a forty day trip of the band through the United States.” 

The tour left on September 1, 1887 and began with a concert in San Bernardino. The it continued on to Chicago, Niagara Falls, Boston, Philadelphia, New Your City, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, and many other places along the way, before returning to San Diego.

From “Jack Dodge His Life and His Times” (Holcomb, William H., Sherman Danby, Los Angeles, CA, 1937)